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Product Overview


ePax is a software designed for Travel Agencies.


ePax has been created to offer Travel Agencies a simple tool to manage communications with their clients. Many Agencies are working or will be working through the internet, which allow them to open their market to the world. However, after receiving requests, they face the same problem. After a while, it becomes very difficult to manage all files. They get an email from the client, not necessarily the first request or not coming from the same email address. They do not easily know who is taking care of who, who is about to travel, who is arriving soon; not even the sales volume, by amount as well as by quantity.

How most Agencies work

These files are generally managed with classic email software, such as Outlook; but the software manages emails and not files. Moreover, we have noticed that, in general, the agent tries to classify emails in folders and, in no time, the email software becomes something where finding data is very difficult.

In addition, most Agencies work with classic software to send their tours. Sometimes, to make a tour they do a series of copy & paste from an existing document to a word processing software, such as Word. Besides this task, heavy as well as demanding a lot of time (and not error free), the client must have an equivalent software to be able to see his tour.

Furthermore, we must consider an important thing, the estimate. Once again, we see that, in general, Agencies use classic software such as Excel to manage estimates. They make it, again, with a simple copy & paste from a price list to an estimate sheet. This task demands a lot of time, but it wouldl be enough if we did not forget that every time there is a price change (change of hotel, category, availability of the service, ...) they have to do it over again.

Finally, considering all the necessary steps to offer their services to a client, we must remember that all data related to a sale is spread inside your computer, in different places. We must not forget what a catastrophe wouldl it be to loose this data because of a hard disk or a computer problem.

For all these reasons and many more, we saw a Travel Agency needs a tool specially made for them, taking into account everyday needs, at a user level as well as at a management level.

Welcome to the world of ePax!


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